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Pearls Pay-What-You-Can Fundraiser for St Anthony's

See below. There will be a lot of people making their debut performances this night.  It's sure to be a unique and wonderful show... XOXO K On Thursday, December 2 at 8 pm Thrillpeddlers will present a pay-what-you-can performance of Pearls Over Shanghai , The Cockettes Musical.  This gives the PEARLS cast a chance to brush up the show after taking the holiday weekend off, brings you in for what you think you can afford, and benefits the great work of The St. Anthony Foundation.  The house opens at 7:30, though a line may form in advance of that.  Seating is first come, first served.  The Hypnodrome is located at 575 10th Street (between Bryant and Division), San Francisco.  For more information visit or call 415-377-4202.   Pearls Over Shanghai 's final performances in 2010 play Friday and Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 7 pm through December, 19.  Tickets for these performances are available  http://www. 67716 o

doing stuffs that are totally wild and obscene

Coming up next Sat, Nov. 20 from 3-5 is the last Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) of the year! I'm taking December off and I suggest you do, too.   Pretty Pretty will be back in January--the 29th, to be exact AND, since there's no "Pearls" for me in January, I was thinking that I might do a drag king tutorial. How dashing!! It won't be the first drag king tutorial that Retro Fit has seen. I believe that the fantastic Leigh Crow did one once. In other fun news, this past weekend I had the pleasure of doing a makeup collaboration with artist, Alissa Polan for a photographic piece.  It's a continuation of a project that involves gender and artificiality/realness--so obviously I'm interested in seeing the final pieces.  (I also love her for giving me very nice yelp review.) What else, what else?  Oh!  This is the last week to catch Shocktoberfest 2010, "Kiss of Blood."  It's only playing this Thursday and Friday and it is a bloody good t

MORE! MORE! MORE! (and less)!

MORE!  Today began with a makeup shopping field trip for an exciting new project I'm working on.  Seriously...Is there any better way to start the day?  MORE!  I have just set up a Yelp page for Pretty Pretty Makeup.  If you could take a moment to comment on any work I've done for you or if you've seen my work and liked it--I would greatly appreciate it.  If you have a business, get yourself up there, too!  I always thought it would be more complicated to set up, but it's easy breezy. MORE! My special business number is all set up.  It's 415-62-KEGEL.  Cheesy, I know, but Kegel was an option, so I took it.  It's (415) 625-3435 (for people who don't have letters on their phone?... or whatever).   OR, you can call me by clicking the link below.  Go ahead.  Try it! And finally...LESS I don't think I'm totally letting the cat out of the bag with this one, but there have been RUMORS that " Pearls Over Shanghai " MIGHT extend past D

¡Dia de los Muertos!

We survived October! What a fun and eventful month! I got to work on some very exciting individual Halloween makeup projects this week. Also... This is kinda how Saturday's Pretty Pretty went: Note the fact that my zombel (zombie + model) can't help but be pretty pretty. You can see the fantastic Bonni Suval in Kiss of Blood . She's a star. Tomorrow I will be out and about in the Mission for Dia de los Muertos . And I am planning on taking some face paint with me. If you see me down there say hello! REMEMBER TO VOTE! XOXO Kegel