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Dolores the Movie on PBS tonight

I had the great pleasure of working on this documentary about legendary activist and feminist icon Dolores Huerta. It’s on PBS (their Independent Lense series) tonight (local times vary).  Below is the theatrical trailer... With Dolore With Gloria Steinem for "Dolores" With Hillary Clinton and crew for the shoot

How to Pay Off Your Debt -- Video Series!

I have a new video up!  It's the last video of my tips and encouragement for those who have debt to pay off! (For those who don't know, I paid off $48,000 in debt over the course of 3.5 years.  It was hard work.  Initially, I didn't think I could do it or that it would be worth it.  I did a lot of the hard work--reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts, going to 12 step meetings--and I want to share the best tools that I found!) I am not a finance expert.  Just a makeup artist, performer, and flight attendant.  Enjoy! Steps 4 & 5 If you haven't seen the other 3 videos... Here's step number 1 (How to face the reality of your financial situation!): Here's step number 2 (How to get motivated to pay off your debt!): Here is number 3 (Where to find free resources to help you learn about and pay off your debt!): Please comment, share,  and subscribe to my Youtube channel--that last one really helps me out because You

Greetings! Apparently, it's been a while...

Hi.  How are you? I'm well!  I'm not going to try to fill in the gap between now and my previous post, but I'm sure I'll do some FBFs and TBTs, when appropriate. The biggest change in my life is that I've been moonlighting as a flight attendant, which I absolutely love doing.  I'm still doing makeup, still performing, and also volunteering with  Shanti Project .   I've been making videos on everything from makeup, traveling, and debt payoff-- which will be my next post! Sending out love to y'all!  XOXO