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Super Spooky Pretty Pretty is TODAY!

I'm super excited for Super Spooky Pretty Pretty today from 3-5pm @ Retro Fit 910 Valencia @20th. Glamour, zombie, and candy blood!Please note: it will be standing room only, because the store will likely be busy with last-minute Halloween shoppers! Get there early if you want a good view.

Halloween Approaches...

Hello, scaries!

Getting ready for a crazy weekend of makeup and mayhem. I am booked for several private makeup sessions and classes--but still have some free time on Day of the Dead if anyone wants their makeup done.

For this Saturday's Pretty Pretty (Look at You!), I'll be putting on my Pearls face and making up the lovely Bonni Suval, of Shocktoberfest, "Kiss of Blood" fame. I'll be demonstrating some lovely zombie techniques on her. Please come by if you can... Come early if you really want to stick around and watch. The store is going to be very busy and it's going to be standing room only!

Some highlights from the last week (s)
I did zombie makeup for an army of kids, who performed "Thriller" at Stern Grove's Halloween Festival, Scare Grove. I posted a video below. I'm hoping someone took photos or video from a closer distance, because those kids looked amazing.
I did some face painting for grownups at Les Folies Champagne, at the Bubbl…

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Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) Possible Final sessions??

There are 2 Pretty Prettys in the works:
October 30th 3-5pm
November 20th 3-5pm

What about December 2010...? Or January 2011...? Pearls Over Shanghai is allegedly closing on December 19th. Without sufficient funding (donations or makeup jobs) there's a chance that the tutorial may not be able to continue. But I don't want it to end, so I'm doing what I can. Please subscribe to this blog or become a fan of Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) on Facebook for updates.


Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) Xtra spooky for Oct 30th 3-5pm

Last month's Pre-Pre Halloween Pretty Pretty had me running between doing my own Pearls face and putting a nice juicy bullet exit wound on my little guinea pig--I mean, lovely assistant. We had a blast (--get it!?)

**New flash: The bullet wound on my assistant apparently made a woman scream at the BART station.

Anyway,... this Pretty Pretty is schedule for the day before Halloween, and I promise it will be just as gruesome as it will be glamorous!

Who will be my assistant this time? Just think, after the tutorial you can run around terrorizing as many people as you can for the rest of the day.

I'm accepting volunteers...


More details:
Pretty Pretty is a Cockettes'-style extreme drag make-up tutorial performed by "lady drag queen" Kegel Kater at shop diva Steven LeMay's vintage/costume/make-up/wig shop, Retro Fit!**

Ask all the make-up questions your heart desires as Kegel put on here face for the Cockettes' hit musical "Pearls Over Shanghai…