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IT'S ME! IT'S ME!! In just a week, I will be done with homework and in less than two weeks I will have degree in hand. I did it! That's all! XOXO Kegs P.S. Almost...

Friday, April 17 - LOVE 101 (For the children...) Part II

LOVE 101: It broke my heart when I had to turn down the offer to perform at the first Love 101 a couple of months ago SO, though I don't REALLY have time to put together a number (cause I'm graduating in 2 weeks!!), I can't say no to part II. Come out and support the kids!!! XOXO Kegel Bellow is the press release: Precious Moments & Ivy Drip couldn't wait to bring you another fantastic round of SF's most generous exhibitionist lipsynchers...for the children! (the profits...NOT the show!) A spectacular variety of beloved drag superstars and upstarts once again unite to bring you a show beyond compare! In an elementary school no less! Seriously people...this is a guaranteed good time. And what could be a better way to entertain oneself, than with a fantastic show benefiting the exemplary work done at the progressive public school, named for the Mayor of Castro Street, Harvey Milk ;) The line-up is outstanding. Whether this is your first drag show, or the first on