Friday, April 17 - LOVE 101 (For the children...) Part II

LOVE 101:

It broke my heart when I had to turn down the offer to perform at the first Love 101 a couple of months ago SO, though I don't REALLY have time to put together a number (cause I'm graduating in 2 weeks!!), I can't say no to part II. Come out and support the kids!!!


Bellow is the press release:

Precious Moments & Ivy Drip couldn't wait to bring you another fantastic round of SF's most generous exhibitionist lipsynchers...for the children!
(the profits...NOT the show!)

A spectacular variety of beloved drag superstars and upstarts once again unite to bring you a show beyond compare! In an elementary school no less! Seriously people...this is a guaranteed good time. And what could be a better way to entertain oneself, than with a fantastic show benefiting the exemplary work done at the progressive public school, named for the Mayor of Castro Street, Harvey Milk ;)

The line-up is outstanding. Whether this is your first drag show, or the first one you aren't in...the love and laughter will have you smiling for days. Learn it!

That's why were bringing it back...for the children.


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