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Single for a year

Today I’ve met a personal goal—to be single for at least a year.  I'd like to share about this. (Mind you, for the last 365 days, nobody has been banging down my door to date me—though I did have my “Sorry. I am not available,” speech prepared!) Since I was 15, I’ve been in one romantic relationship or another, with the longest time between relationships being around 3 months.  I’ve been in 2 relationships that were over 5 years long and 5 relationships that were over 2 years long.  I've had some really wonderful partners, but it was often the luck of the draw. I was casting a pretty wide net. A year ago, I had to end a relationship that was not healthy.  I was scared of a lot of things, including being alone. I had been finding my value through romantic love, which meant my value always fluctuated. I felt that I needed to change myself to become whatever the other person wanted me to be.  I now know that had the relationship not been so extreme, I probably would not

Magnetic Lashes--What and Why?! New Make Up Your Life Video!

Hey y'all. Magnetic false eyelashes...I had so many questions about these--mainly "how" and "why?" Special thanks to Niki, who found these online and gave them to me as a gift! I'm a few days late of my goal of posting a video every week, but I hope people enjoy! I still haven't had a chance to really post any Easter pics yet, but I will get to that soon!  (Nobody is putting any pressure on me to do so, but myself.  The main significance of posting this blog is just for my own sake--to keep record of what all I'm getting myself into!) Love, Kate