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Pretty Pretty Eyes and Product Reviews

 Happy pride weekend, everyone. I’m having a lovely time from the vantage point of my bed in the inner richmond.  It looks chilly outside.  Summer in SF was fun the 2 days that it lasted! I’ve recently been thinking about adding makeup reviews on here, so I’m going to start now.  As you may know, I love fancy makeup.  I love Mac for its lipsticks, and pencils. I love Kryolan makeup for its TV paint stick, derma color, aqua color, supra color, powsers, special effects and drag-friendly makeup.  BUT I also love Kryolan because for the pigment, quantity, and medical-grade quality (and, since it’s a European company, ingredients are listed), but considering all of that it’s pretty inexpensive, some say due to the plain packaging.  To cut to the chase, I love fancy makeup, but –Okay, I also have a cheap makeup fettish.  Before I headed down to my makeup tutorial, I stopped by my favorite neighborhood cheap-o makeup shop.  After noticing that some of the prices had gone up, I picked up

Virtual makeup and a severed head.

It happened again.  I waited too long to post and now I'm overwhelmed.  As always, I've been busy. Today I put the finishing touches (hair) on a severed head prop.  Here's what it looks like:  John the Baptist head front ...and back He should be making his television debut in a National Geographic biblical documentary early next year.   Now, on to upcoming events!     FRIDAY NIGHT Okay, I won't actually be putting lipstick on my teeth.  Experience my online drag queen makeup tutorial !  I will be demonstrating beard cover-up, eyeshadow blending, contouring, eyelash-gluing and more. This is a really fantastic way to learn because you can sit at your computer with your makeup right there beside you--you can even put your makeup on along with me and ask questions as I teach.  You can choose to share your camera and I'll help you in live, two-way video (or you can remain completely anonymous. You only share video or your name if you want to).  More