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"Pearls Over Shanghai", Midnight Mass and BULB

Life has been happening too quickly for me to keep up with! But here are some events that I'm involved with RIGHT NOW! "PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI" First, I have to talk about the revival of the Cockettes production (from the late 60's) of "Pearls Over Shanghai." This is my first role singing...Well, my first "role" actually, in a full-length play and the people are great. I'm a big fan of the Cockettes and I am so excited. This is a wonderfully entertaining musical--it's really scary, too! Last night was my debut and it went swimmingly. This show is every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the end of September. Tickets can be purchased here . MIDNIGHT MASS with PEACHES CHRIST Last weekend was a blast with Linda Blair and all the pozessed rollerboogiers. A video of the preshow staring Peaches Christ, L. Ron Hubby, Pristine Condition, Lady Bear, Cousin Wonderlette, Valentine, and myself can be seen right over here . Song written by Ric R