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This Saturday -- "Pearls Series" Pretty Pretty! ...& etc!

Okay.  WILL THE RAIN EVER STOP?  Oddly, I just got back from Seattle where it wasn't raining. It would be so nice if it did stop raining before Saturday, because this Saturday is " Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) " at RetroFit !  ...And though the shop is kept more than sufficiently warm by my body heat, I find that sometimes people are less than interested in makeup during a torrent downpour.  Huh.  Go figure. Feast your eye-holes on this little clip from the last Pretty Pretty, where I made up far out performance and video artist Mister Wa.  This video was shot by the lovely Emi Stanley . That's right. It IS gorgeous! This Pretty Pretty will be the final Pearls-Over-Shanghai-style tutorial, because Pearls is ending on April 9th.  However, Pretty Pretty will continue!  And there will be opportunities to do more makeup in all different styles.   More general information on Pretty Pretty can be found here. Learn it! Speaking of the dearly departed Miss Liz Tay

Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) -A drag make-up tutorial with Kegel Kater

Dear friends, artists, and beautiful freaks, Every last Saturday of the month--from 3-5pm in the best li'l shop in San Francisco's Mission district--you will find Pretty Pretty (Look at You)!! Pretty Pretty is an extreme drag make-up tutorial performed by "lady drag queen" Kegel Kater at shop diva Steven LeMay's vintage/costume/make-up/wig shop, Retro Fit (910 Valencia @ 20th Street)!**   Ask all the make-up questions your heart desires as Kegel put on her face or puts the extreme face on some other helpless victim model! Learn/discuss/attain: Eyebrow hiding and shaping Contouring   Hide your beard-stubble!--or stick a beard on Glue almost anything to your face Rules for make-up cleanliness Stencils! Stickers! Drag talk **(With 25% off for all make-up for tutorial guests!!) (Here's a video of some pretty pretty action on collaborator/performance/video artist Mr Wa , shot by Emi Stanley ) Come one, come all! Please feel free to invit