This Saturday -- "Pearls Series" Pretty Pretty! ...& etc!

Okay.  WILL THE RAIN EVER STOP?  Oddly, I just got back from Seattle where it wasn't raining.

It would be so nice if it did stop raining before Saturday, because this Saturday is "Pretty Pretty (Look at You!)" at RetroFit!  ...And though the shop is kept more than sufficiently warm by my body heat, I find that sometimes people are less than interested in makeup during a torrent downpour.  Huh.  Go figure.

Feast your eye-holes on this little clip from the last Pretty Pretty, where I made up far out performance and video artist Mister Wa.  This video was shot by the lovely Emi Stanley.

That's right. It IS gorgeous!

This Pretty Pretty will be the final Pearls-Over-Shanghai-style tutorial, because Pearls is ending on April 9th.  However, Pretty Pretty will continue!  And there will be opportunities to do more makeup in all different styles.  More general information on Pretty Pretty can be found here.

Learn it!

Speaking of the dearly departed Miss Liz Taylor, her look is a major inspiration for the makeup for Divina's character, played by leading lady Leigh Crow in the upcoming Thrillpeddler's revival of the Cockette's Mask-of-the-Red-Death inspired musical, Vice Palace, which I am proud to be a makeup consultant for.  (The role of Divina was originally played by Divine.)  I did the makeup on Leigh for the poster.  Isn't she lovely?

Photography by David Wilson and poster design by Flynn DeMarco

There's also a new poster for Pearls, that I'm sure many people have already seen, but that I've neglected to put up here...Until now!

Can u find me? hint: I'm very muppet-like

Yes, there are only 6 shows left of Pearls, and then this iconic show will be gone.  I think there are still tickets left. Don't wait. More info on and tickets for Pearls and Vice Palace here.

And now on to the Etcetera:

Two Saturdays ago I had a blast doing a drag king makeup tutorial at the Western Regional LGBTQIA Conference at UC Berkeley.  Who knew doing a drag king makeup tutorial for people who didn't believe in gender binaries could be so fun?  I met some amazing people.

Last Friday I performed at Trannyshack's David Bowie night at the DNA Lounge. The special guest for the show was his x-wife, Angie Bowie.  I was a little nervous because I'd been informed that the song I did, "Golden Years" was one of the 2 songs that she may be sensitive about, since he supposedly wrote them about her.  But Angie was totally cool. She told a neat story about the song.

Lil Miss Hot Mess, Dam Dyke, Jeff Stroker, Fruitbomb and Michael Phillis were in my number and collaborated with me.  Here are videos of my number and the trantastic show:

Filmed by Dianne Brennan.

Filmed by Marco Aviso

That's all for now.  I will leave you with a photo of moi by Daniel Nicoletta from Paul Festa's film "The Glitter Emergency."

Pretty Pretty, no? Wig by Holy McGrail--that she built incorporating the Julie-'cause-i'm-a-blonde- Brown's discarded wig.  No joke!


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