Pretty Pretty Eyes and Product Reviews

 Happy pride weekend, everyone.

I’m having a lovely time from the vantage point of my bed in the inner richmond.  It looks chilly outside.  Summer in SF was fun the 2 days that it lasted!

I’ve recently been thinking about adding makeup reviews on here, so I’m going to start now.  As you may know, I love fancy makeup.  I love Mac for its lipsticks, and pencils. I love Kryolan makeup for its TV paint stick, derma color, aqua color, supra color, powsers, special effects and drag-friendly makeup.  BUT I also love Kryolan because for the pigment, quantity, and medical-grade quality (and, since it’s a European company, ingredients are listed), but considering all of that it’s pretty inexpensive, some say due to the plain packaging.  To cut to the chase, I love fancy makeup, but –Okay, I also have a cheap makeup fettish.  Before I headed down to my makeup tutorial, I stopped by my favorite neighborhood cheap-o makeup shop.  After noticing that some of the prices had gone up, I picked up a few new things try out on my Pretty pretty models.

A product I tried yesterday for the first time was the NYX brand eyeshadow base.  I bought the white, though it also comes in shimmer, and nude.  It did help to brighten up the shadow and generally help the makeup from going in to the lid crease—as long as it was blended in well. 

I was hoping to find the NYX “milk” pencil, which I’e heard works pretty well as a base because it really brightens things up, though I’ve heard it doesn't hold well.  I wanted to try it!  I'll let you know when I get my hands on it...

Finally, since the tutorial was all about eyes, here’s a product that I didn’t actually use yesterday, but that has been something I regularly recommed to guests and clients who wear makeup on their lids.
Ocusoft - great if you’re wearing a lot of eye makeup and false lashes frequently or if you have sensitive skin around the eyes.

This scrub removes oil and bacteria from the lids and also gets rid of any makeup residue, without being harsh on your  lids.  It still stings a tiny bit in the eyes.   It was first recommended to me by Madame Molotova and then another friend’s eye doctor also recommended it.  There are also generic versions available, which are just as good (the walgreens brand is a little less sudsy and the material is not quite as soft).

Now to photos of makeup.  We had a lovely time at Retro Fit yesterday for Pretty pretty!  I got to work on 4 different models and did a range of campy eye makeup styles.    I will add more photos as I get permission from the models...
Doing eyes on Ms. Feral Fawcett

 Feral Fawcett in all of her alarming glory!
Makeup on Marco!

Green-eyed Marco!

 Finally,  a little reminder about this Friday:

More info on Peaches Christ's website.   

Can't decide what to wear to the 80’s Couture Costume Contest?  I can help you with makeup!  Join the Purple Rain pre-preshow show and take my live online makeup tutorial.  (The sight has times listed as east coast, but it actually starts at 6, from the comfort of your computer!)  Sign up here!


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