Halloween Approaches...

Hello, scaries!

Getting ready for a crazy weekend of makeup and mayhem. I am booked for several private makeup sessions and classes--but still have some free time on Day of the Dead if anyone wants their makeup done.

For this Saturday's Pretty Pretty (Look at You!), I'll be putting on my Pearls face and making up the lovely Bonni Suval, of Shocktoberfest, "Kiss of Blood" fame. I'll be demonstrating some lovely zombie techniques on her. Please come by if you can... Come early if you really want to stick around and watch. The store is going to be very busy and it's going to be standing room only!

Some highlights from the last week (s)
  • I did zombie makeup for an army of kids, who performed "Thriller" at Stern Grove's Halloween Festival, Scare Grove. I posted a video below. I'm hoping someone took photos or video from a closer distance, because those kids looked amazing.

  • I did some face painting for grownups at Les Folies Champagne, at the Bubble Lounge.
  • Shocktoberfest, "Kiss of Blood" is going strong.
  • Also, my father came and saw "Pearls Over Shanhai." Something I never thought would happen, but that went over quite well! I resisted the urge to write "Hi Dad" for "Sweet Temple Bells," but don't think the thought didn't cross my mind.


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