How to Pay Off Your Debt -- Video Series!

I have a new video up!  It's the last video of my tips and encouragement for those who have debt to pay off!

(For those who don't know, I paid off $48,000 in debt over the course of 3.5 years.  It was hard work.  Initially, I didn't think I could do it or that it would be worth it.  I did a lot of the hard work--reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts, going to 12 step meetings--and I want to share the best tools that I found!) I am not a finance expert.  Just a makeup artist, performer, and flight attendant.  Enjoy!

Steps 4 & 5

If you haven't seen the other 3 videos...

Here's step number 1 (How to face the reality of your financial situation!):

Here's step number 2 (How to get motivated to pay off your debt!):

Here is number 3 (Where to find free resources to help you learn about and pay off your debt!):

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Let me know about your debt journey.
A new video will be posted next week.  It will be makeup/styling related.



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