doing stuffs that are totally wild and obscene

Coming up next Sat, Nov. 20 from 3-5 is the last Pretty Pretty (Look at You!) of the year!

I'm taking December off and I suggest you do, too.   Pretty Pretty will be back in January--the 29th, to be exact AND, since there's no "Pearls" for me in January, I was thinking that I might do a drag king tutorial. How dashing!! It won't be the first drag king tutorial that Retro Fit has seen. I believe that the fantastic Leigh Crow did one once.

In other fun news, this past weekend I had the pleasure of doing a makeup collaboration with artist, Alissa Polan for a photographic piece.  It's a continuation of a project that involves gender and artificiality/realness--so obviously I'm interested in seeing the final pieces.  (I also love her for giving me very nice yelp review.)

What else, what else?  Oh!  This is the last week to catch Shocktoberfest 2010, "Kiss of Blood."  It's only playing this Thursday and Friday and it is a bloody good time, so if you can prevent yourself from missing it--please do!

At this point, you may be wondering where the title of this post came from.  Why, my favorite review of "Pearls Over Shanghai" ever, that's where.  From Goldstar:
Rating_2_0 Written on Sep 28 2009
"This show is X-rated !! Cast members were showing their 'private parts' on stage, and doing stuffs that are totally wild and obscene, e.g masturbating on stage?!! Kudos for the interesting costume and beautiful make up on all the cast. Overall, I think if they remove all the x-rated scenes, this show will be a great show, as they are great singers and actors. "

When I read this review, I try to imagine the kind of person who could wind up at "Pearls" without having any knowledge of what the show is about. Also I guess it's indeering to think that somewhere--in the bay area--there's a grown-up so pure, that they don't know what pornography is. Ah, so nice...

See you next Saturday, Pretty Pretty!



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