MORE! MORE! MORE! (and less)!

Today began with a makeup shopping field trip for an exciting new project I'm working on.  Seriously...Is there any better way to start the day? 

I have just set up a Yelp page for Pretty Pretty Makeup.  If you could take a moment to comment on any work I've done for you or if you've seen my work and liked it--I would greatly appreciate it.  If you have a business, get yourself up there, too!  I always thought it would be more complicated to set up, but it's easy breezy.

My special business number is all set up.  It's 415-62-KEGEL.  Cheesy, I know, but Kegel was an option, so I took it.  It's (415) 625-3435 (for people who don't have letters on their phone?... or whatever).   OR, you can call me by clicking the link below.  Go ahead.  Try it!

And finally...LESS
I don't think I'm totally letting the cat out of the bag with this one, but there have been RUMORS that "Pearls Over Shanghai" MIGHT extend past Dec 19th.  Whether Pearls (which has become a lifestyle for me and is chock full of folks that I love very much) continues past this date or not, I have put in my notice to take an extended break from the show after Dec 19th.  I am sure the show will continue to transform and grow in wonderful ways.  I will be doing the last "Pretty Pretty (Look at You!)" of the year on Saturday, November 20th, and then taking December off.

BUT I'll have another Pretty Pretty in January.  It will be all new makeup that I haven't been able to cover during my Shanghai makeup tutorials.  So Expect surprises and new stuff!

Meanwhile, I am looking for new projects in January and beyond...



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