MegaBlog: Catching up with Kegel Kater & Let's Beat Our Faces Together (on the computer)!

Hello.  Not sure if you read my little whinefest, but this entry is scaring the shit out of me.  I have so much to write about!  So I'm just going to start.  First, I'm gonna tell you about a couple things that are going on rightmuthafuckin now:

Photo by Brittany McLaren

Live, interactive drag makeup lessons at your computer.  What what?

Uh-huh.  In case you haven't read the most recent Tuck of the Town, tomorrow (assuming that someone signs up before 6pm today), I am teaching an online Drag Queen Makeup class on this website called LiveMind.  This isn't your mommy's makeup tutorial on Youtube.  It's all real time, asking questions and getting answers live.  If you have a webcam, you can even get your own personal makeup critique, but you can just stay anonamous (and creepy) if you want, too.   
Just kidding about the creepy part.  I know you're just shy.  

The class fee is $9.99, which is damn cheap for a makeup class.  Invite your frienemies, family, whoever you know that's interested in crazy makeup, or especially lady drag makeup.  So that's tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm (again, assuming that someone signs up before 6pm today).

Then, next week, on Saturday the 4th, I will be doing a 2-hour 2-part "paint-along" makeup class, which is for people who actually want to do their makeup along with me.  I've listed out the materials used so you can be totes prepared.  Make sure you sign up for both Part A (foundation, contour, cover-up) and Part B (lips and eyes) to get the full effect.  Both classes together cost less than $15 and it's going to be fuhreekin' rad, so sign up (please)!

Tonight!  Not sure if I'll make it out, but there's going to be a drunk crafting and "Young Frankenstien" watching party at RetroFit!  More info here.

Also, tomorrow night is RUMI-PALOOZA

The Purple House is at 5716 Genoa, Oakland, 1 block off MLK @ 57th St.  I'll be performing, and Cockette Rumi will be there, tons of cool videos, bands, and I don't even know what all the hell else, but it will be a night you won't soon forget.

This Saturday is PRETTY PRETTY--and it's going to be a special CARNAVAL eddition!  

Come learn some face painting techniques, and get your face painted and buy some stuff to paint your face with.  As always, it's 25% off to all Pretty Pretty guests, from 3-5pm in the best lil independently owned drag/costume/vintage shop in SF (RetroFit. duh!)!

Alright, that is all I need to talk about today.  Now it's time for...
Highlights in Recent History:

I got to perform and do Mrs. Christ's makeup for Peaches Christ's Trannie Dearest at the Castro.   Here are some photos:

Then, before that there was the Devious, Inc Premiere: 
As Mint Tulip, with Clammy Faye, Photo by VinC

Stopped by SomeThing and hugged with Glama, photo by Shutter Slut

I could go on and on, there were so many cool things that happened since March whateverth.  But I will leave you with this.   Vice Palace opened in April.  I helped design makeup for it.  It's amazing.  It's the last Cockettes' musical. 
Please see it before it closes.  
Good day.


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