OMG, today is an exciting day for me.  Just in time for me to start getting super psyched out about Peaches Christ's Purple Rain with special guest Apollonia, Gabe bought tickets to see:

Yes!  Tonight at the Forum! We just drove done to LA for the day!
Na here's a weekend Roundup!Yeehaw! 

Yesterday's Pretty Pretty was a hoot.  Thanks to Steven LeMay and Marco and Horton for bringing treats! Here's a photo.  I did a painted-on mask, with a rhinestone rim.
Marco & Me, showing some cleave
 Rumi Palooza, the night before was fantastic.  Here are some pics from there, courtesy of VinC!
Galen and Rumi's friend

Donna Personna performing

HystErica as Pee-Wee


Karl with Records

Corrine, Me, GabeR
...And one last photo, this one taken by Dennis Scott Wallo


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