If blogs could kill...

Okay, I kind of hate this self-promoting business.  I've gotten better at talking to people about what I do at parties, pat on the back there, but I still feel like an asshole taking out a business card.  And though I'm sure nobody does, I really don't like sending out mass emails, nor do I enjoy the pressure I feel to be an absolutely hilarious, high-energy, skillful writer so that people will read through all the crap I'm sending their way. 

So I have made a promise to myself.  I will blog AT LEAST once a week.  The ultimate goal is to write every day.  Right after I finish my morning pages, which I also didn't think I'd be able to do, but have been writing successfully for about a year now.  I haven't blogged since March, and the weight of all the things I need to write about today is killing me.  But after I'm done, only writing bits and pieces ever day or so.  Anyway, there.  That's the plan. 

Now, on to the megablog.


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