Pretty Pretty is Tomorrow! And some sneak peaks!

Pretty people!!!

I want to tell so many things, but I also want to hurry because as soon as I finish I will be off to a party to hopefully catch a glimpse of Mr Rufus Wainwright, which is exciting because I am a fan!

Tomorrow for Flavorpill's Daily Dose, which is part of the Noise Pop Culture Club 2011 festival, I will do something that no sane makeup artist has attempted before. --I will be presenting a Cockettes' makeup tutorial in 10 minutes!  Okay, there's a trick, but I'm not telling.  Except for the people I already told, I mean.  ...Anyway, that's from 12-1.

After that, from 3-5 at RetroFit, join me for PRETTY PRETTY.  Can you believe it's been a whole  year!!?  Yup.  And to celebrate, I will be making up 2 models.  It's going to be wild fun!

Last Monday I had a photo shoot for my (as of yet, nameless) DRAG KING MAKEUP BOOK!
I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the pictures, taken by David Wilson!  I had the intention of only posting one or 2, but they're TOO GOOD.  Ugh, just look at these hot hunky boyz! 

Big thank you to the folks at the space formerly known as Mama Calizo's and to Dimitrios Poulos, who just showed up and did people's hair!

Speaking of amazing and hunky kings, THE VERY NEXT NIGHT,  I got to make up Leigh Crow for a promo shoot for "Vice Palace," the new Cockettes' musical Opening in April.  She's playing the drag queen role of Divina, the role originated by punk-drag superstar, Divine, who was also a Cockette.  David Wilson did the photography for these, too!  CHECK IT OUT!

Finally, remember that photo shoot I had with artist Alissa Polan?  I got to see finished images from our shoot together a few months ago.  I will share it here:
I also got to see some unedited pics of her last photo shoot with 3 new lovely models.  I can't share those yet, though.  They are TOP SECRET!

Alright, that's all she wrote for now.  More to come next week.  Goodnight, Pretty pretty!



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